The History

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So sometime back in the late 80's a band called Yesterday's News was looking for a keyboard player. They put a classified ad in the newspaper (remember classified ads? Heck, remember newspapers?) Cathy Brickley answered the ad and was quickly a part of the group, which included John Culbertson. Shortly thereafter the bass player left the band, and you guessed it, another classified ad. This time Steve Alford answered, and the group played together for years before work obligations, family and other things got in the way. Steve and Cathy continued to play together in a few different configurations, John came out of retirement in 2009 and formed Itchy & The Chiggers. But one night in 2021 Steve called John and Cathy about getting together to jam. He had an idea for a vocal trio. The three met in John's music room and laid down a few tracks just to see how it sounded. They posted one of the songs on Facebook, Helplessly Hoping by Crosby Stills and Nash, and it was an immediate hit. (Click below to listen) So they decided, Why not? After throwing around about a thousand band names they decided on The 360 Project. 360- because they've come full circle from that band they were all in together over 30 years ago. And there's 3 of them…and they are all in their…well you get the point.